Sad Breakup Quotes

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Now I know I’ve got a heart, because it’s breaking.

Tin Woodsman, The Wizard of Oz

Sometimes I think I’ll give up trying, and just go completely Russian and sit on a stove and moan all day.

Dorothy Parker

I could feel tears brimming and sloshing in me like water in a glass that is unsteady and too full.

Sylvia Plath

That’s what I like about disappointment:
the way it slows you down,
when the querulous insistent chatter of desire
goes dead calm.

Tony Hoagland, ‘Disappointment’

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.


There’s nothing worse than rejection.  It’s worse than death.  I would wish sometimes for the guy to die because at least then I could go to his grave and visit.

Oprah Winfrey

Oh I wish that there were some wing, some wing,
Under which I could hide my head,
A soft grey wing, a beautiful thing,
Oh I wish that there were such a wing,

From I Wish by Stevie Smith

The hottest love has the coldest end.


When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It’s like death.

Dennis Quaid

The heart was made to be broken.

Oscar Wilde

A time will come when everyone will know what all this is for, why there is this misery; there will be no mysteries and, meanwhile, we have got to live…we have got to work, only to work!

Irina, The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

Then with leaden feet which stumbled in a sudden darkness that overwhelmed me I groped my way back to the empty house.

from World Without End by Helen Thomas

What wound did ever heal but by degrees.

William Shakespeare

It is a curious sensation: the sort of pain that goes mercifully beyond our powers of feeling. When your heart is broken, your boats are burned: nothing matters any more. It is the end of happiness and the beginning of peace.

George Bernard Shaw

Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, Pain of love lasts a lifetime.

Bette Davis

I feel a mortal isolation
Wrap each lovely limb in desolation,
Sight, hearing, all
Suffer a fall.

From Every Lovely Limb’s a Desolation by Stevie Smith

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  1. The only thing I fear… Is forgetting you

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